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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

PRESS CLIPPINGS: Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Sorry about the past couple of days. I've been out of commission.

Here's your press clippings...

1. The C-L does their annual look at the bills that made it out of committee. The deadline was 8 p.m. last night. So while President Bush was preparing to say next to nothing about Hurricane Relief for the Gulf Coast, our lawmakers were preparing bills that would allow the state to do what the federal government is not – help people get their lives back to normal.

I do, however, take exception with the lead that says lawmakers have done little to help Katrina victims. Besides the fact that the statement is borderline editorializing (with a negative connotation to boot), the fact is that everyone has agreed to wait until late in the session to address Katrina recovery because of budgeting concerns.
Scores of bills clear 1st big hurdle - The Clarion-Ledger:
Lawmakers are waiting to see how the governor allocates $10 billion Mississippi received for hurricane recovery and whether the state will receive more federal funds before taking major action.

A few policy changes to insurance forms and rebuilding plans have trickled out out of committee that assist hurricane victims.

"That's going to open up the door for us to come up with legislation that will complement the federal legislation," said House Speaker Pro Tem J. P. Compretta, D-Bay St. Louis. He expects more Katrina-related spending bills to emerge in mid-February.
2. Remember all that talk about Sen. John Kerry being a flip-flopper? Remember how terrible of a thing it was for Sen. Kerry to change his vote on something? Remember how Republicans went crazy criticizing him?
Flip-floppers - The Clarion-Ledger:
Sens. Bunky Huggins, R-Greenwood, Mike Chaney, R-Vicksburg, and Videt Carmichael, R-Meridian, have said they will likely reverse their vote and support Barbour. Sens. Perry Lee, R-Mendenhall, and Nickey Browning, D-Ecru, have said they also are reconsidering their vote. If these senators flip-flop, this chance at tax reform will fail.
3. Coretta Scott King's impact on the civil rights movement is remembered by the C-L.
Legacy - The Clarion-Ledger:
Coretta Scott King became nearly as well known as her husband, but without the martyred memory. So, in effect, her sacrifice was never fully acknowledged. She never earned in life the respect her husband achieved after his death. Yet that respect was in large part due to her efforts.
4. Bobby Harrison's take on the committee deadline for the Legislature.
Action varies on Mississippi legislative deadline day -
The first big deadline day facing the Legislature passed Tuesday with a wide variety of measures - from the prohibition of human cloning to funding the controversial Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi - still alive.
5. The DJ looks at the life of Coretta Scott King.
EDITORIAL: Coretta Scott King -
Coretta Scott King's death closes another chapter in the heroic story of leadership for civil rights equality in our nation.
6. The Greenwood Commonwealth marks the passing of Coretta Scott King.
Greenwood Commonwealth - Opinion - 01/31/2006 - King's widow was leader in own right:
When the killer's bullet felled Dr. King on the balcony of a Memphis motel, Mrs. King was among those who almost instantly stepped up to fill the leadership vacuum.


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