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Thursday, February 02, 2006

PRESS CLIPPINGS: Thursday, February 2, 2006

1. I'm glad to see that the press is covering the President's snubbing of Katrina victims. Now someone needs to ask the people how they feel about their own Republican Congressional delegation and Gov. Barbour taking up for President Bush and his lack of coverage of the Gulf Coast recovery. I think coastal residents would be as equally upset to know state Republicans are still pledging their blind allegiance to an administration that has failed our state.
Residents peeved at lack of Katrina coverage - The Clarion-Ledger:
Many Gulf Coast residents spent Wednesday angrily counting the words President Bush devoted to their storm-battered region in his State of the Union speech.

The tally: Bush addressed 165 of his 5,300 words to disaster recovery in the Gulf, and he never used the word "Katrina."

At the end of his speech Tuesday night, Bush spoke of the $85 billion that the federal government is giving to rebuild the Mississippi Gulf Coast and New Orleans, but he did not propose any new funding. Some people are worried that the speech is a signal Bush has moved on to other issues.
2. Fund-raising totals are in. You'll be shocked to find out that Barbour raised the most money. You'll be even more shocked to learn that insurance companies and tobacco companies were his largest donors. I know I was. Really. I was.
Barbour leads in campaign cash - The Clarion-Ledger:
Barbour raised $527,823 in 2005 through his campaign and state and federal PACs. Both the state and federal versions of Haley's PAC donate to political campaigns across the nation.

Barbour was in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, lobbying congressional leaders for hurricane relief.

His largest donations included $10,000 each from the American Insurance Association and tobacco company R.J. Reynolds.
3. Sen. Hob Bryan and true Democrats in the Senate continue to fight against Gov. Barbour's education proposals. If you can't see the writing on the chalkboard, let me translate: His goal is to weaken public schools to the point it will open the way for privatization. It's simple, and it is a disastrous plan for Mississippi.
Senate votes 'home rule' for best performing school systems -
"Home rule" for the top-rated public schools is a key provision of Gov. Haley Barbour's 2006 education program.

Passage came on a 30-19 vote after Sen. Hob Bryan, D-Amory, harangued the Senate for capitulating to what he said were Barbour's efforts to dismantle public education in Mississippi.

"The governor is the greatest single opponent of public education of any governor since I have been here," Bryan said.
4. Mayors in North Mississippi are starting to ease their opposition to the grocery tax cut. Now that they can study more accurate numbers than the misinformation Gov. Barbour put forth, they are seeing that the tax plan is a good deal for people.
Lee small-town mayors relax position on cigarette/grocery tax bill -
A week ago, they were adamantly against the legislative plan to raise cigarette taxes and gradually eliminate grocery taxes.

Now, some mayors are looking at a different set of numbers and say the measure may not be too bad after all.
5. The D-J tees off on President Bush. And let us not forget the blind allegiance of the Republican Congressional delegation in Mississippi. They had the chance to stand up and say the president let down our state and instead Barbour, Lott and Pickering took up for the president and said he gave a great speech. Their priorities lie with politics and not policy.
EDITORIAL: Where's the vision? -
President Bush's State of the Union speech Tuesday night offered virtually nothing to reassure Mississippians and others scarred by Hurricane Katrina that recovering from America's worst natural disaster holds a prominent place in the administration's agenda.

We find it increasingly disturbing that in the most critical places of leadership beyond Mississippi and Louisiana, Hurricane Katrina seems to have become the latest afterthought in a series of natural calamities.


Pain In the Back said...

The pain with which I read your blog is palpable…we have let you down. Hell…we’ve let ourselves down. Our failure to recognize and deal with the aftermath of Katrina undermines the government’s ability to govern by making it clear that the states can not depend on help from them unless a foreigner attacks our soil.

The neo-cons have won another round of eroding the ability of the central government to help its citizens. Trough shear ineptitude by letting the Gulf Coast states down they have demonstrated that Washington is crippled and unable to help in times of natural crisis, and isn’t that what they wanted? They’ve told us our government is too big. Yet our money is flying out the window to fund an overblown voracious central government with little or no benefits available in times of need.

I won’t bore you with analysis you’re probably asleep already. Bit I fear that the less than a nod in a speech once a year that meant nothing in the first place may be all the substance you can expect. As an American I’m appalled and saddened deep in my soul.

2/02/2006 09:44:20 AM  

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