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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Pickering, Wicker vote against Mississippi's best interests

President Bush convinced all but 14 Republicans to pass his Budget Reconciliation Bill. This bill will be devastating to the poorest and oldest in the nation, two groups that are numerous in Mississippi.

Therefore, you would think that Reps. Chip Pickering and Roger Wicker would have been among the 14 Republicans standing up to the president and voting for what is best for the people they represent.

You would think. But you would be wrong.

So exactly what will this bill do? Check below...
House OK's $40b in cuts to curb entitlement programs - The Boston Globe:
The House yesterday approved a package that would save almost $40 billion over five years by imposing substantial changes on programs from Medicaid and welfare to child support and student lending.

The bill represents the first effort in almost a decade to try to slow growth of entitlement programs, one that will be felt by millions. Women on welfare are likely to face longer hours of work, education, or community service to qualify for checks. Recipients of Medicaid should face higher co-payments and deductibles, especially on prescription drugs and emergency-room visits for non-emergency care.

More affluent seniors will find it far more difficult to qualify for Medicaid-covered nursing care.

College students could face higher interest rates when their banks get squeezed by the federal government.

And some cotton farmers will find some reductions in their support payments.

State-led efforts to force deadbeat parents to pay their child support may also have to be curtailed.
In the coming days, I'll try to get some detailed information about how this bill will impact Mississippi. You can see previous numbers here, but these numbers were changed after negotiations between the House and Senate.


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