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Thursday, January 26, 2006

PRESS CLIPPINGS: Thursday, January 26, 2006

1. The immigration debate is kicking off. I fear that this could become a knee-jerk reaction sort of thing. I hope people take pause to consider what is actually at stake here, which are real people's lives and not some political platform. Unfortunately, I don't think Lott really understands the sensitivity of the debate. His comment makes him sound like he's playing cowboy or something. It's sad if anyone, Republican or Democrat, tries to score cheap points on this one. Here is a blog entry on the debate.
Illegal-immigrant bills draw critics - The Clarion-Ledger:
A Mississippi House hearing on limiting access to schools and jobs for illegal immigrants ended abruptly in a shouting match Wednesday as worker advocates demanded to speak.

Rep. Mike Lott, R-Petal, proposed several bills aimed at stopping illegal immigration into Mississippi.

"If you come to this country (illegally), Mississippi is not where you want to be," Lott said before the hearing.
2. On the one side, the good ole boys over at SuperTalk will have something to yap about. On the other side, this presumably brings us one step closer to them having to admit that our elected officials did nothing illegal. I'm half-way sure the world would stop spinning if one of those guys actually admitted such a thing. Those guys wrong? Never. Of course, I guess we could be surprised by the announcement and find out that every legislator who voted for the project was headed for indictments. That would mean the Bush DOJ would actually have to prosecute more Republicans. They're getting good at that. DeLay. Abramoff. Cunningham.
Beef probe results out today - The Clarion-Ledger:
Federal and state officials will release results today in Oxford of their yearlong criminal investigation into the state-backed Mississippi Beef Processors in Yalobusha County.

Officials would not provide any details Wednesday or say if any charges would be filed in connection with the failed beef processing facility in Oakland.

Assistant U.S. Attorney John Hailman, chief of the criminal division for the northern district, would only say the 11 a.m. news conference "will be in relation to progress in the Mississippi Beef investigation."
3. I'm just assuming Bush wouldn't win the Healthcliff Huxtable Father of the Year Award...
As real father figure, Bush a 'deadbeat dad' - The Clarion-Ledger:
I'd like to talk about family values. Not the values of the individual family, but rather these same values applied to our nation as one big family. Conservatives understand that America is like a big family, with the president acting as a symbolic father figure: the leader and moral authority of the traditional family.

What kind of father figure has President Bush been to the American family? One cannot invest in this way of thinking without arriving at a rather disquieting realization: President Bush is the metaphorical equivalent of an abusive and irresponsible deadbeat dad.


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