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Monday, January 23, 2006

Bi-partisan torts

Before anyone goes off on how AG Jim Hood is just handing out lawsuits to his trial lawyer buddies, perhaps they should read Bobby Harrison's latest column in the Daily Journal.
Ridgeland law firm switches role for state lawsuit -
Nestled in the midst of the affluence and conservative politics is the type of law firm one would expect to find there - Copeland, Cook, Taylor & Bush.Walking in the outer office of the stately understated firm, one correctly gets the feeling it flourishes by defending businesses - particularly health care providers and insurance companies.

"This is a defense firm. We represent companies," Greg Copeland, the managing partner, said one day recently in a wood-encrusted conference room. "There are not four plaintiffs lawsuits right now in this office of 65 lawyers."
And consider this...
The Republican attorney general of Texas was one of the first in the nation to file a lawsuit against drug companies, charging they had artificially inflated the cost of drugs dispensed to Medicaid patients. Other states also have filed similar lawsuits.
OK. Now talk radio and Republican partisans can feel free to ignore facts and start the misinformation campaign.


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